Edgemont Chamber of Commerce


Established in 1890, Edgemont is named for its location on the southern flank of the Black Hills.

   In this small ranching community and crew change station for the BNSF Railway, residents enjoy a slower pace of life thanks to a lack of stoplights and an abundance of cows!
  Edgemont boasts a close-knit, supportive community; everyone is always ready to lend a hand. Neighbors help one another with ranch work, and watch out for one another’s children. Residents are active in community groups, churches, and other social organizations, always looking to improve life here in Edgemont.

   Edgemont’s schools are known for their positive atmosphere. Student to teacher ratios average 7:1 and the Edgemont School District has many programs that ensure each student receives the best education they can get. Game nights are a community affair, with most of the town cheering the Moguls to victory!

   Residents are never at a loss for entertainment. Opportunities for outdoor activities abound, including hiking and horseback riding in the Black Hills National Forest, bicycling on the Mickelson Trail, and hunting on the public lands. Photographers delight in the beautiful scenery and breathtaking wildlife native to the area.

With many locals taking part, The Edgemont Theatre Company provides a chance for residents to get their 15 minutes of fame by acting in one of their side-splitting melodramas. Edgemont also hosts the, Fall River County Fair, Fall Festival & Car/Quilt Show, and Winter Wonderland Day throughout the year, so there’s never a shortage of events to attend.

Edgemont’s cozy atmosphere, friendly community, great schools, and recreational activities make it the perfect place to call home.